Doggie Boot Camp

Doggie Boot Camp Program Details

Are you tired of having your dog having accidents in your home? Maybe you just simply don’t have the time to train your dog. Well then this program allows us to take all those head aches away from you and lets us do the dog training for you. This program includes:

  • 2 weeks of dog boarding
  • 6 daily dog walks
  • Socializing time with other dogs
  • All basic dog training commands
  • Any behavior issues
  • 5 weeks of follow up visits

We specialize in training all of our dogs without the use of TREATS, ANNOYING CLICKERS or E-COLLARS (WE DO NOT USE ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED). Our training methods have been talked about across the country and we come recommended by Vets and Clients alike. With over 500 testimonials and over 1000 successfully rescued dogs you can rest assured that your dog WILL be trained.

Our methods of training dogs are easy. We only use positive reinforcement (praising). Can you imagine walking everywhere with a bag full of treats or a clicker in your pocket? What happens if you forget your treats at home or simply run out of treats? You guessed it, you will give your dog a command and your dog will NOT obey due to the fact that you trained reward based. Our methods are fast, easy and very reliable.

We focus on creating an open line of communication between us as humans and our dogs. Our methods of communicating are:

  • One word commands
  • Tone inflection
  • Hand signals
  • Body language

Commands that are included in this doggie boot camp are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down (lay down)
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Bed
  • Place
  • Any behavior issue

Your dog owning experience should be a pleasant one. Owning a dog should not be stressful, therefore, let’s not get frustrated with this experience and let’s make it enjoyable. Don’t let yourself say “NO” to something so important to the peace of mind that we can create in your household. We Guarantee you will be excited with your dog.

Doggie Boot Camp Miami

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